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Cooperation project for the development and program piloting of the 'BegaKarussell' support program

International comparative studies such as PISA, TIMMS and IGLU repeatedly show that in the German school system educational success and social background are strongly linked. A parental home close to education and secure financial resources help students to achieve higher educational qualifications on average, while children from socially disadvantaged families are much less likely to climb the social ladder through the educational system.

Also when it comes to the identification and promotion of talents socially, economically and culturally disadvantaged students are facing unequal chances. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate those children and adolescents whose talents have remained undiscovered so far into programs  especially designed to awake and promote students‘ "slumbering talents" (Stamm, 2014, p. 380).

The Berlin BegaKarussell aims to fill a gap in this regard. The low-threshold pilot project is intended to enable children from educationally disadvantaged families to gain access to their talents and interests. Within one school semester small groups of 4 students at a time are accompanied by permanent mentors. Together they visit five knowledge-providing and impulse-giving institutions such as museums, exhibitions or workshops. The choice of these institutions is based on a multidimensional definition of talent, which comprises cognitive as well as musical, creative-artistic, athletic and social-emotional dimensions. The goal of the Bega Carousel project is, on the one hand, to raise the children’s awareness to their individual interests and talents through memorable, positive aha moments and to challenge them here. On the other hand, they receive new impulses that motivate them to keep learning  and to acquire more knowledge and skills in and outside of school.

In its trial phase, the program is initially aimed at third-grade students from four elementary schools in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district.

The project is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family and runs until June 2023.

The Department of Educational Psychology was commissioned to design the pilot program BegaKarussell and to test it on a larger number of students during two pilot phases. In addition to the conception and implementation of the program, the project team will also evaluate the success and influence of the program on the development of the participating children.

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